Wilson | Maternity


July, 2021

How has it been three years since we last saw this family? The last time we played with them, we were taking maternity photos for their first baby, Hoot. We didn’t even get to meet him until this maternity session at their home place in Highland County for their new little baby girl!

It worked out perfectly because the weekend we planned to go out to do their session, we were already in town for a family reunion, AND picking up our new puppy, Maui. It was a stars aligning kind of moment.

The home place of this precious family is incredible. It feels like the scene of a movie because the views are so insanely gorgeous. They showed us all around their farm, and played with little Hoot and their big polar bear pup named Yeti. Hoot ran around like any normal 3 year old and made us laugh and smile because he was so full of joy. All he did the whole time was smile and laugh. The best part of the session was when he would grab my hand to lead me to show me something or sit next to me in the backseat of the truck like I was his best friend.

This family is such a joy to us and we just wish there was more people in the world just like them! Check out their session video below as well as our favorite photos from the session.

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