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January 18, 2021

The most important part of this home renovation to us is making this little abode homey and getting rid of the parts of it that may be a little SCARY. Some of the ceilings and walls definitely had some scary elements! The biggest problem in this house was the ceiling in the living room as soon as you came in. A BIG spot was hanging lower than the rest where there was originally a water leak from the roof, and it made the plaster ceilings buckle down. Many patch jobs are done through the years at our little home, but we really wanted to make sure it was done right and not immediately crack again. In comes Milky, Sam and their amazing crew!

Photo Below courtesy of Previous Listing on MLS: Before Plaster fixes and new ceiling...

I called Milky to get on his schedule knowing he would be busy and he told me it would be another week before he would be able to get over to our little house. We were totally impressed! We only had to wait a week!! And then, lo and behold, he calls me back and says his schedule rotated and now he was available THE NEXT DAY!!!! We were so pumped! He came and inspected our crazy little house and quoted us a great price.

They would have to knock down that bad spot in the living room ceiling and cover the whole living room ceiling to make it flush and all match. We also asked him to fix places where we had knocked off plaster that was loose, and to fix the tape lines that previous owners had put up to cover cracks (that didn't really withstand the test of time!)

Milky and his crew started yesterday and by the time we stopped by there in the afternoon after all of our appointments, the house looked LIKE A NEW HOUSE!!! Not only had they already replaced the ceiling in the living room, but they had filled the massive places missing plaster on the walls, filled giant cracks that would need mesh, and were working on replacing all the tape through the upstairs that was coming loose. We were amazed!! Not only had they been so prompt in coming over and knocking it out, but they also do an incredibly seamless job, and are so kind to go along with it. They let us bother them and take a few pictures and then we got out of there to get out of their hair.

We are some excited to see the changes this week that happen as Milky, Sam, and his crew finish up their work, and then we get Leo Nikitchuk and his crew in there to paint! Leo came over the day before yesterday to check out the house and plan for him to come. He is coming as soon as Milky is done getting the walls ready.

He knew we wouldn't be able to get the ceiling and walls where they needed to be like he liked, so he told us to let the professionals do their thing...I am so glad we followed his directions!

Leo explained that since the walls are plaster with a coat of paint already on them, we would need to get them to paint KILS primer through the whole house, and then do a couple coats of color. They are doing white semi-gloss trim, gorgeous bright flat white ceilings, and eggshell walls throughout the house.

Leo suggested keeping the walls light and left me with a THICK packet of color options to choose from. Of course my head was spinning. After putting it up against the walls, we decided on an off white (gray toned) color: Aria.

As architectural photographers, we have found that gray and blue tones are the best colors for photographing homes...and we have found a true hate for the color yellow because of how hard it is to photograph!

We think that Aria will be a good choice to make our walls pop, but not make the rooms seem smaller.

Since we have had so many people inside the house, we have tried to stay out of their way and working on projects outside of the home. We ordered a NEW exterior back door for going out onto the back deck and a new window for the bathroom at ProBuild with our friend, Jimmy Truxell. The back door currently is a homemade interior door that basically is falling apart. We wanted to make sure it was safe and not quite as scary.

The bathroom currently has a spot where a window previously was and got knocked out or broken into and never replaced. Instead, the previous owners put a piece of plywood there and painted it. We NEED natural light to come in there and also allow for some ventilation for some of our stinkier guests that may come through...when I say that, I actually mean my husband.

The MLS photo doesn't show the window spot but it is on the wall next to the toilet.

The bathroom will be our next BIG PROJECT to include A NEW WINDOW, stenciling the tile floor, removing the sticker subway tiles on the walls, a new vanity, new light fixtures, removal of the vanity cabinet on the wall, and a new paint color throughout. The tub is in good shape, so we will keep that and roll with it.

While I work on the bathroom, the guys will be working on the exterior of the home. We JUST took down all the ivy growing on the outside of the house. Now they need to pressure wash EVERYTHING, finish cleaning out the gutters, replace that front gutter that got dented by the previous owner, patch paint color on the exterior wall where the ivy ripped down the paint from the brick, pressure wash the back deck and make sure it is safe for guests...and last but not least...clear our gorgeous view of our beautiful city. Ahhh, it is finally coming together!

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