The Sparrow | Mini Door Update


February 16, 2021

It has been a cold couple weeks working at The Sparrow! We have had record snow and ice storms, rain, and gray/cloudy days. This of course eliminates any outside work we can do on our little 1929 cottage, but we have been working on a small project while we wait on our plumbers to come out and rough in our new bathroom piping...DOORS! When we bought this little house, there were no doors to its name. And that means no privacy for our guests to come....that had to change!

The two upstairs bedrooms (one for adult guests, and a bunk room for any younger souls that come to visit!) were in need of doors to officially consider them a bedroom. I didn't want anything that wouldn't have been installed in 1929, so that eliminated the hollow doors that are commonly installed today. We picked up two solid pine doors, and aged bronze hardware for our new doors. They are SOLID and heavy...and just plain gorgeous.

The first door installed was pretty easy to put up because the trim was ready for a door, and had the spots for the hardware already chiseled out. Johnney and Gabe (my baby brother who is over 6 feet tall...but I can still beat him up) worked on chiseling out the areas on the doors for the hardware to match to, and borring out the holes for the door handle.

Once they got the door hung, now they had to match up the door handle with the latch and make sure it closed properly. Isn't that door gorgeous??!!

I didn't realize how complex the process was to hang a door! Something that you would think would take an hour, actually takes a whole day to do it right!

The first door going into the front bedroom is officially installed! Now the question is...should it be painted to match the trim or leave the wood door how it is (with maybe a coat of matte poly to protect it)? I am leaning towards leaving it raw but will listen to other opinions!!

The door going into the bunk room from the kitchen is another story...UGH. Why can't one project be simple?? This door is taking a little longer to install because the holes for the screws to hold up the hardware are completely stripped out and unusable. Gabe had the great idea of wood gluing dowel rods into the holes, letting dry, sanding, and then installing the hardware into the new holes. Genius!

This will have to be filled in and sanded, and the new latch will be installed above this original one.

This is the problem child. YUCK.

Check out this video of the dowel rod holes getting chiseled after they were glued in... quite satisfying if I say so myself!!

Stay tuned for many updates coming soon as we start to work our way through the final projects of The Sparrow...I see some new stairs in the future (we just bought all the stair treads and risers), NEW bathroom, with blog updates on the tiling, bathtub, toilet, and sink install, and completion of paint throughout, and kitchen much to do, BUT it is definitely coming together!

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