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December, 2020

August 12th, 1960. The year that these two precious souls united as one before our Lord in their little town of Staunton, VA. They grew up only a few streets away from each other...him at College Park and her at Selma Blvd. He played baseball, and she was a lover of all things creative (architecture, design, gardening, the works). They fell in love and got married. He went away to Virginia Tech and she soon followed putting him through school, and then vet school at University of Georgia. These two have been through the ups and downs, raised two kids together, and managed to work hard through the years to still love one another.

Lucky for us, they are our grandparents. Our amazing examples of our Father in Heaven and what he wants for a marriage. They are our friends, our confidants, the best people to work on the farm with, go antique shopping with, or just sit in front of a fire on Friday evenings hanging out and talking about nothing. We are so thankful that the Lord gave us these two precious people.

Check out their video, and our favorite photos from their session...

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