Kellogg | Lifestyle Newborn


February, 2021

We had the amazing opportunity of meeting these babies when they were in their mommy's belly, as soon as they were born in the studio, and then AGAIN a while after at their lifestyle session/milkbath. We can't even describe how much we love this precious little family.

So many changes have happened since we first met them for Havyn's (their other baby girl) one year session, and we are so thankful that we get to watch all the adventures that they go on and all the big changes that come. Our heavenly father has blessed us tremendously in that our clients typically become part of our family (the Millpond family!!)

Check out the milk bath session we did before the twins were born on the was COLD, and then the updated session when the babies were outside of Mommy's belly, their session videos, shots from their studio session, and even a few family photos thrown in there!

Now the babies are out of Mommy's belly! They fell asleep in the tub. It was so serene and beautiful.