Anniversary Love Song!


September, 2020

These two are so incredibly special to us. Jonathan has known sweet Jennifer for years, and so when we found out they were having a big anniversary this year, we wanted to be in on the surprise for Stanley. Jennifer has a voice of an angel but up until this moment on Millpond Farm, she never let Stanley hear it unless it was in church.

When Jennifer and Stanley got married, they had a simple ceremony and gathering with family but it wasn't a huge ordeal with the photographers there and all the crazy stuff! We wanted them to have some formal pictures to make up for that! Even though the farm is rough and a little dirty, their formal attire was a beautiful contrast to celebrate these two little lovebirds. Make sure to watch the custom video below if these two to hear Jennifer and her voice given to her by our Lord, and of course keep scrolling to see our favorite photos from their session.

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