A Day at the Dentist!

We were invited by the amazing people and Dr. Jeff Kesecker at Legacy Surgery to come spend the day with them to capture their state of the art technology. We got to witness two implant surgeries that day with their new X Guide machine. Check out the video below to see it in action. Read the descriptions below to get an understanding for what this machine does...just wow! We loved this incredible team and had the absolute best day!

We LOVED Dr. Jeff!

This is one of their newest pieces of technology...the X Guide machine.

The team works on preparing the parts of the X Guide machine. The black and white balls are what the camera on the machine recognizes and tracks. These are what the doctor holds during the surgery.

Prepping for the surgery:

This is the patients mouth displayed through a CT image. The bottom two images are what the camera sees through tracking the black and white balls.

This is the camera that gets maneuvered to help track the doctors movements.

This machine allows the doctor to watch the screen instead of the patient's mouth to get a (11x MORE accurate!!!!) depiction of the patients mouth. It also allows him to know how far he has drilled, where he is drilling precisely, and other very important information that has previously just been done by sight of the doctor (11x LESS accurate way of doing it!).

After the surgery, they use a handheld X-ray machine to take updated X-rays.

Preparing for implant surgery number two!

The coolest guy we know!!