Falling in Love with Edwardian!

Welcome to another home flipped by the amazing Duane Turner at Turner Turn Key Homes and listed by Duane himself at Old Dominion Realty! Duane has a way of making something that looks scary and past its glory days and bring it back into the sun! This home got COMPLETELY flipped. NEW everything! They finished it off with a fresh coat of white paint throughout (THE BEST for photos) and gorgeous contrasting dark wood floors, a fresh white kitchen with leathered granite (my new favorite)...too many to list! On the outside, the house now has gorgeous curb appeal, and brings yours eyes right to it with a BLUE exterior and red door..the perfect compliment.

Our favorite parts of this house were of course the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, the normal things you notice in a completely updated home...but what really caught my eye was the natural light in this house...the way the light shines through the front door and streams rainbows into the front, and the way the light shines through the front yard tree and casts shadows into the front windows, the light coming through the back deck and gets morning light while you drink your morning coffee and read devotions, and the light coming into the back sliding doors off of the basement walkout lighting up the whole downstairs...this home is FULL of light, and brings my mood up tremendously. Light just makes you happy!

This home is truly a treasure and may not been brought back to life had the team at Turner Turn Key Homes grabbed it up and saved it! Check out the full listing HERE, and see more photos from the session below.