Park Perfection!

Welcome to the Park Ave. house in Grottoes, VA! This NEWWWW listing with Duane Turner at Old Dominion Realty is truly special. This home sweet home was built in 1920 and has the stories to tell of generations that have lived within its walls. We had the honor of visiting this home in the evening before the sun went down and watch the sky turn from blue to shades of orange, yellow, and pink right before our eyes from the front porch. This place is just special! Check out the video below to see a highlight reel!

200 Park Ave. is built to last with the original hardwoods, woodwork, heavy wooden doors, original mantles and doorknobs/hardware, and even built-ins in some of the rooms. The best part about this place is that it has been brought into the 21st century with central air and heat and an updated gorgeous kitchen and bathrooms! Whoop whoop!

We were just so impressed with the size of this home and how much room there is to grow here. The color of the home is green and makes me think of spring and growing...just so cheerful and happy! The yard is beautifully manicured with a big patio for summer cookouts watching the babies play volleyball in the backyard and the younger ones playing in the playhouse (that matches the big house perfectly!!). The icing on the cake is the massive front porch with swing and rockers! Check out the full listing HERE and more photos from the session below.