Dogwood Design Restoration!

This home was brought to 2020 with a refreshed look by the AMAZING Sarah Knicely at Dogwood Design. As you can see from the "before" photos below, this home was straight out of the 80's with paneling, wood stained trim throughout, and majorly outdated fixtures! Walking into this bright and cheerful home was such a sigh of relief and put you instantly into a state of de-stress! The bright and cheerful windows bring in so much natural light that you barely even need the lights on! The views through the windows were overwhelming and made us feel so small. Make sure to checkout the before and after photos, the walkthrough video, as well as the rest of the photos from this incredible session...and keep your eyes peeled, because this place may be able to be visited through Airbnb soon!

Great work, Sarah and Justin!

Quite a change huh?? Check out more photos from the session below!