Thistle Hill Historic Home!

Welcome to a piece of history Circa 1787! How amazing is it that a home that has withstood the test of time, war, bouts of highs and lows in the economy, and even a cannonball and is still standing to tell about it. If only those walls could talk! It is even in the books that during a past war, soldiers hid here and a cannonball was shot into the front (the hole is still there behind the front shutter!).

We had the honor of photographing this incredible property for one of our favorites, Jenny Mcguire with Remax Advantage.

When we first walked into this property, this home really struck me. We have seen thousands of homes at this point but this one really had something that made it feel like HOME. When we were walking around and taking pictures, I was actually imagining how we could fit into this home, and even thinking of memories that could be made here: calling the babies down for dinner and them running down the back way kitchen stairs from their bedroom upstairs, photographing my kids as they play in the kitchen sink with bubbles and rubber duckies, waking up early with Jonathan and watching the sunrise on the front porch as it comes over the Blue Ridge mountains, putting on boots and taking Sadie and the littles out to feed the chickens in the morning, bringing dinner plates out to the patio table off of the kitchen and enjoying a cool late summer evening outside, having a picnic under the giant willow tree in the front yard, picking peaches from the orchard in the backyard, teaching our babies about different plants and herbs and how you use them to cook with our herb garden off of the kitchen, and even laying a fluffy blanket down over the painted wood floor in the living room for the kids to play with blocks on. Never have I gone into a home and truly imagined what it would look like if we could call it ours. At this time, it isn't in the cards that we call this place home, but someday I hope we will have the chance to find a treasure like this.

We hope that if you are searching for a new house, you find one that strikes you like this one struck us. One that takes your breath away and that is all you can thing about for days after you see it. One that you forever compare to when you go into other homes.

Make sure to see the pictures we took of this home, and see the full listing HERE.