Sassy Senior!

To say that this session hits close to my heart would be an understatement. It is not often that we get to photograph my BABY BROTHER who is about to graduate from HIGH SCHOOL!! Where has the time gone? We had the honor of photographing this spunky kid at Millpond Farm (his request!) in celebration of his upcoming graduation from Wilson Memorial High School.

It wasn't long ago, that we all were babies, and fighting non-stop. I am the oldest, then Gabe, then Eli, and Grace. Gabe is a wild red-head (aren't all red heads wild??) with smarts like you wouldn't believe and a sassy mouth to match. He is the first to joke around and make you want to die laughing, and the last to eat his vegetables at dinner. Gabe has always been a tall string bean, and now he is way taller than me (but I can still beat him up no matter how much taller he is than me!).

During his senior session, Gabe struggled to figure out what he was going to wear (and didn't like anything I chose for him), he forgot his class ring at the house, and argued with every pose I requested of him. We think he would be a good lawyer when he grows up.

We felt honored to take his senior photos (even though he hates getting his picture taken) and are so proud of him and the man he is becoming. It is not often that your baby brother of almost 18 years graduates from high school. I am so glad we could document it.

Check out some cute pictures of this punk as he has grown, and then see his senior pictures at the end. He is a cutie so they are worth the glance!