Roseland BARN Reveal!!

Welcome to Roseland, VA! Right off of 151 is a unique property with its very own PARTY BARN! This is becoming a new phenomena for people looking to create a space for parties, events, weddings, reunions, whatever your heart may desire! We were invited to visit this amazing Party Barn by the builder, Meade Shirley, with Elk Mountain Contracting.

This party barn sits on the most gorgeous property with VIEWS galore, a windmill that runs an aerator for the pond that it sits next to it to give oxygen to the fish, and string lights running through the place for a nice ambiance. This barn was built with new logs but in the old way of building. You can tell this barn is special just through the attention to detail. Not one was missed!

We love working with Meade and his crew at Elk Mountain because they are genuinely kind, and have artist's hands to create. God gave them all a creative heart and it shows in their work. We will never fail to recommend them to anyone that may need a contractor!! Check out the shots from the session and make sure to watch the video above to get an aerial view and walk through perspective of the barn. JUST WOW!!