Inn at Westshire Farm Exploration!

Welcome to The Farm! We were invited by the owners to come explore their property and get some updated shots of their new adventure. The owners recently bought the Inn and have changed it in many ways to give it a new look and bring it into the future as a desired place to stay when you visit Staunton, VA.

Check out the walk through video above, as well as the photos below to get an idea of what The Farm is like, and BOOK YOUR STAY here!

We were impressed by the Harry Potter style guest book when you first enter the Inn to check in!

When you enter the Farm, you have to go under the old as can be railroad bridge with the original stone holding it up. Great backdrop for pictures!!

This room connects with the professional kitchen and offers all you need to get your caffeine high in the morning!

The Farm offers homemade meals for all of its guests that are ALL pictures worthy!

Our favorite room of the whole Farm. Great place to eat meals, and take pictures! The gorgeous stained glass backdrop with light streaming through is jaw-dropping!

The Farm therapy dog that was the highlight of my whole day! She gives amazing snuggles!! :)

The outdoor patio is a pleasure to be on... shaded by a MASSIVE tree and coverings so you can enjoy the breeze while you eat breakfast!

There are many places to vegetate on the property! Multiple porches, patios, gazebo, pergola, and much more! Greta place for morning devotions, or to drink a glass of wine as the sun goes down.

The front porch is AMAZING!

The Millstone Barn is where all the rooms are and only a short walk to the main home. The lawn in front of the Barn is where weddings take place.