Play Day at Park N Pool!

Being a photographer couple, we ALWAYS meet the coolest people and get to experience things that a lot of normal people may not. We were invited by the manager at Park N Pool, John Good, to come out and visit their shop. They were looking for new marketing material to try and convey who they were as a company and what they sold. We got to know the people of this business and their babies, and even the company cat!

Check out their new video below to see for yourself how amazing these special people are!

We walked around the business and watched them all working on their daily duties, hung around and watched as they took phone calls with repeat clients, and even saw how they interacted with each other. This business is about family, and taking care of others. They pride themselves on taking care of the client, and ensuring repeat business for life. We love that!

They sell anything for commercial park and pool properties...pool chairs, tables, garbage receptacles, park benches, play equipment, etc. If you go to a pool or a park, you have seen their product for sure. They are one of the leading marketers for these sorts of products in the country, and it is right in our backyard in Lexington, VA!

They really wanted to convey the family aspect of their business, so we suggested hosting a cookout for everyone. Apparently, this is a common ritual for this group because they all worked together to prepare the food, prayed over it, and ate together as a family without prompting! Easy for us!

Overall, we had the best day spent with this great business! We hope to visit again super soon! Contact us today to book your videography session.

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