Goodbye Selma Blvd!

It is with a mixed feelings heart that I write this blog post. After 6 years of living at this Selma Blvd. sweetheart, we are moving on to a new adventure...only 2 minutes away! Yesterday, (Monday, June 17th) we put our home on the market with Charity Cox. We have the opportunity to move to another home that is our dream, and we couldn't pass down the opportunity. But, it was definitely a hard decision...the home on Selma is full of memories that we will never forget!

This home has been in the family since 1950. Jonathan's great grandma owned this home until she moved out in 2011. When she moved out, it was vacant for a couple years, and then Jonathan moved into it in March of 2013. At this point, we were just kids and couldn't afford decorations, or basically anything to furnish it. We just grew this home on love..and a lot of late nights working on it!

Through the years, we redid the fence along the front, painted everything from top to bottom inside and out, refinished the floors, and painted the whole exterior of the home. All the landscaping had gone wild since Nana had moved out. She was a "garden tour" kind of gardener and this yard was full of bulbs, perennials, every plant you could ever imagine. If you put something in this yard, it is like Miracle Grow! Even if you have a black thumb like me! Every plant in this yard was planted by Nana except for a few in the front that we have added to spice things up. All the boxwoods in the yard were planted by Jonathan's grandma when she was just a little girl. The GINORMOUS seymour tree in the backyard next to the patio was planted as a tiny sapling by his grandma, and now look at it!

In 2016, we got married, and I moved out of my family home into this home with Jonathan. This was the first home I have ever slept in by myself as a grown up (only slightly scared!!)! This is the home we brought Sadie home to, and got all our fur babies. This is where we would walk from down to the park for walks after dinner, and festivals at Gypsy Hill. This is the home where we commuted to JMU and Virginia Tech, and earned our degree through late nights of studying here. This is where we began our business. This is where we have invested our life and time, and have fallen in love with Staunton. Thank you, Selma, for the memories. We will never forget you!

Want to see the full listing? Check it out HERE!

One of my favorite plants that comes up every single year, INDIGO! So gorgeous.

This was in the midst of painting the kitchen cabinets!

Finally got a recliner! Praise the Lord!

Favorite hiding spot in the house...

Our favorite tree in the yard, our gorgeous magnolia! It is so big, you can climb in it!