WARM Waynesboro Country Club Event!

It was a rainy Friday and the golfers were grabbing their golfing bags and heading into the Waynesboro Country Club to play a game of golf...with rain jackets and all! The golf carts were revving up and the golfers were deciding on which clubs to use throughout the game. Maybe in normal circumstances, the course wouldn't have been so busy, but there was an event going on! WARM Waynesboro was hosting a golf tournament in the hopes of getting sponsors for their cause.

Many businesses from the community (big and small!) gave for the cause and sponsored the holes. It is so amazing to see people come together to help others and do it with their whole heart...these folks were those people. They gave up their day to set this up, made bag lunches for all the golfers and had snacks and treats to go along with it. It was a fun day despite the rain! Much change will come from all those with giving hearts.

Do you feel like giving to the WARM ministry to help people without homes? Check out the WARM website here.

Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry, Inc. (WARM) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The purpose of WARM is to provide support, temporary shelter or housing, and community development for homeless adults and families in the Waynesboro & Augusta County areas of Virginia. WARM's services are delivered through a winter shelter for homeless adults, a beautiful transitional housing facility for homeless women with children, and community outreach services. WARM is a interdenominational, faith-based, and community driven organization that strives to help its community through experienced, professional, and compassionate care and support for the homeless. WARM does not discriminate based on race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities, or age when serving families or individuals who are eligible for WARM's programs and WARM has the capacity to serve.