Mountain VIEWS at McKamy!

Welcome to Middlebrook! We were so excited to see this home newly listed with Cathy Ward at Old Dominion Realty. We were told that no one would be there when we went to do the pictures, but we were happy to see the owner washing the windows when we got there. Not only was he precious, but he told us a lot of secrets about this super cool home!

Him and his wife built this home and they have been the only owners. He explained that when they were building it, he only wanted one bedroom, one bath, and a living space...his wife asked, "well, where are the children going to stay?" He said his response was, "How about at the hotel?"...He said with a laugh, "That is NOT something you say to your wife." Needless to say, a one bedroom idea turned into a 4700 SqFt. home with PLENTY of space for the children and grandchildren! Ha!

We loved how they have completely taken advantage of the 180 views and have built a porch ALL the way around the home complete with covered porches, a porch swing, and plenty of room for BBQs.

This home also had gorgeous mature landscaping. The owner walked us around the property telling us what was what and all the plants they have planted over the years. He explained that when they were building and designing the driveway, he got TONS of rock brought in from a friend getting rid of it and had to lay it by hand to hold up the wall next to the driveway. It has swirling design with plants and succulents planted in it as it whirls its way along the drive.

Another one of these plants found growing up on the deck post in the back is a very rare vine that has a very unique bloom similar to that of a trumpet. He said that they got this vine when they were traveling and brought it to their property. This along with a gorgeous purple wisteria are growing strong along the porch giving a lot of privacy to the space underneath of the porch.

Overall, this home is full of character and stories that will be the foundation for the stories of the next family. We felt so honored to have visited this home, and can't wait to hear that it sold and a new batch of babies is moving in! Check out the full listing HERE, and check out the rest of the pictures from the session not seen on the MLS listing...