Payne Family Celebration!

It was a perfect day in April to have a celebration, and that we did! Toviah and Chris decided to have a big party with all their family and friends to honor their new vows of forever love. Everyone gathered at the Octagon Barn at Frontier Culture Museum for their big day. There was delicious food, fellowship, cake/cupcake eating, and some crazy dancing! No person in that barn was sitting...all were on the dance floor!

It was so special to be able to be a part of their big day. They officially got married earlier in the year with a more intimate ceremony and had Wendy and Jason Ward with Ward Photography capture that moment. Want to see more from their ceremony? Check out Ward's blog HERE. Wendy and Jason were able to come to this without their camera and for once, get their pictures taken!

We love seeing families grow and develop in a way that the Lord has planned. It isn't always clear cut as to what our path may be or who we will end up living out our days with. But isn't that what makes life so awesome? I am so glad He brought Toviah and Chris together!

Check out more from their big day below...

Chris and Toviah

April 13th, 2019

Frontier Culture Museum