Valley Mills Farm Tour Day!

Welcome to Valley Mills Farm!

This farm is circa 1824 and has the character to match! We were invited by the owner, Monica Rutledge, to come visit and get a tour of the property. What a pretty day to tour a pretty wedding venue!

This property has a gorgeous all brick original home, a winding river that makes a horseshoe around the property, as well as a NEWLY added and state of the art BARN for all of your wedding needs. And this baby has central air and heat! Whoop whoop!

The picture shown is the original home where the bridal suite is found. You can also get married at this home as well, or by the river on the gazebo, really anywhere you desire.

The barn is one of our favorite parts of the property. It has the greatest views, gorgeous interior with soaring ceilings, windows for natural light, and all the tables/chairs are provided for couples claiming this venue.

The barn has the greatest entrance but brides have the choice of making their ceremony exactly how they want by choosing where they want to set up their arbor, chairs, tables, etc.

Another great feature to the barn is the outdoor entertaining areas for people not wanting to dance or eat...

There are tons of tables for outdoor hanging out, as well as a fire pit that they maintain throughout the reception.

We also loved in the barn that there were places for the caterers and the bar with closing doors, so during toasts and when the bar is closed/food is done being prepared and served, the doors can close and the work staff can have their privacy and not have to worry about being bothered or being quiet. We thought this was such a neat idea!

Besides the barn, Monica explained that there were multiple places on the farm to actually get married and have your event. The actual homeplace and areas surrounding were quite special as well.

We loved meandering along the river and hearing the water glide through the trees, and watch the newly blooming daffodils blow in the breeze as we walked through the property. The river was the all-time coolest part of this property because it naturally has made its way around the house. The drone image we took shows how it has naturally moved over time to surround the house. Pretty cool!

Other favorite spots on the property were the areas for the bride and groom to get ready. The bride and all her ladies has an upstairs suite along with a neat bathroom that everyone will fit in. TONS of natural light as well as great backdrops for pictures.

The groom and his groomsmen also have a SWEET cottage to get ready in with a place to store alcohol, great seating and even a little pond outside. That little cottage was our favorite!

Overall, this property was one-in-a-million with the features to match it. Any bride and groom will love all the gorgeous backdrops for unique and special pictures, and all the amenities you need for a comfortable and stress-free wedding for all. We LOVED spending the morning with Monica, and can't wait to work with her again very soon!

To book your venue for your big day, or get in touch with Monica head on over to her website HERE!