Secret Garden Treasure!

You could say this home has been a slight obsession for a while now. Not only is this home in the BEST, most quiet, upscale neighborhood in Staunton, VA but it also is a true hidden treasure within the mature landscaping and HUGE two acre yard right in the city. Not common!

We live on Selma Blvd. which is very close to this property, and always drive by this home to get to our house. Needless to say, we always look at it with a longing heart and wish it was ours!!

We reached out to the realtor, Allen Persinger at Remax, to see if we could come explore the property. I am so glad we did! This home is a TRUE TREASURE! The original owners of the home were completely into gardening and even did "test gardens" to grow different bulbs, etc. in the yard and she was even the President of the Virginia Garden Club. This yard is just chock-full of perennials, mature trees, gorgeous grown boxwoods, bulbs galore, cherry trees, dogwoods, everything you could ever imagine! This home was built in 1949 with the character and charm of much earlier years.

One you come inside, details were not spared in this home either...gorgeous woodwork, floor to ceiling windows, actual WORKING shutters, plenty of space to grow, skeleton keys, basically all my favorite things all wound up in one property. I almost felt like pictures couldn't even explain the potential and greatness of this unique property...something you truly have to see in person!

Check out the pictures from the interior of the home, and see the full listing HERE to see the exterior shots and aerial perspectives as well.