A Day Nobody Will Ever Forget!

It has been a couple years since Kathy, the mother of the groom, confronted me about doing the photography for her son's wedding. They knew they were going to get married and knew that Travis had found his forever in a French speaking blondie from Canada. Of course I would say yes to that!!

The couple actually officially married on March 8th, the day of their anniversary but the mini ceremony and reception for family was on the 9th at her parent's estate in Elkton, VA.

This wedding was not your typical white and black by the books wedding, and that is what made it a truly special day. The bride and groom are lovers of all things video games, and Game of Thrones inspired wardrobe, hair and the works. The mother of the bride even made the dress she wore.

We are so thankful to know this family and be a part of this monumental day. We will NEVER forget this day!

March 9th, 2019

Mayz Family Wedding

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