New England Furniture Charmer!

We randomly were driving through Staunton between appointments and found this sweet little slice of heaven in the custom furniture department. We pulled into the parking lot and walked around to find the owner, Bryan Black, of the business Concepts Created working in his woodshed studio next to his showroom. 

Bryan has been at this location for 3 years but has furniture design in his blood lines... 12 generations to be exact! His great (x12) grandfather was, John Auldin, one of the shipbuilders who worked on the Mayflower ship!! Pretty cool!  

He was so sweet and showed us some of his work in his show room and even his amazing woodshop. 

Bryan does all of the work himself, and has his sons help occasionally when they are not in school, but between him and his wife, Susan, they do it all! 

Bryan told us a lot about his back story (which can all be found on his website and social platforms below) that really showed the meaning behind his work.  

Years back (before Ancestry and 23 and Me), Bryan's mother did a whole research project on the geneology of their family. Almost all of the family is from the North especially New England. Bryan is actually from Cape of our favorite places on Earth! This is what sparked him to create the "seashell" logo that has come to make up their roots in this business. He now brands that on all of his pieces. 

 Bryan prides himself on getting all of his wood "reclaimed" especially from the North which he says is his special secret! That is what makes his pieces so awesome! He likes his wood that he uses to have a story. How neat is that to be able to tell the story of your kitchen table BEFORE it even entered your story? Almost like your table has multiple lives! 

One of the stories that I will never forget is of a piece he recently created for a local family that had history back in the 1800's! This wood was from a burned down building in Bridgewater, VA that after deep research Bryan concluded that it was a building that was burned by the Union solders during the Civil War in 1862. Check out the full story HERE.

Overall, meeting Bryan was a true pleasure to us and we can’t wait to build our dream home and get him to design all the furniture in it! 

Check out some more pictures from our visit below and make sure to visit his WEBSITE, Facebook, and Instagram too and follow them!

Let us know if you have a cool business that we need to come visit. We always love to see local businesses and bring light onto what our amazing city has to offer! 

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