Coming HOME!

As some of you may know, Jonathan and I spent all of Fall, 2018 in Blacksburg, VA. We had both thought that getting our masters in architecture was where we needed to be so we enrolled at Virginia Tech. We spent our week sitting in a classroom, and our weekends in Staunton, VA doing photography from sunrise to sunset. Trying to balance it all was not an easy task, but worth it!

Check out the video below to see our final portfolio review at the end of the semester...and the coolest people we have ever met at Virginia Tech!!

As the semester went, we were missing our family, friends, clients, and most importantly: HOME. During winter break, we decided that our business was where the Lord was leading us so we decided to come back home and pursue our photography business full time. It was not easy because I have an ultimate fear of not being able to provide during a slow economy, or having to buy my own health insurance by myself.. (it sucks being a grown up!). Despite this fear, we had a complete assurance knowing that the Lord will bless us and our business as long as we follow Him.

The big move.

This decision meant that we had to uproot ourselves and completely move AGAIN. We had established ourselves in the cutest blue roof cottage in the heart of Blacksburg, and were sad to leave, but happy for the new future ahead. See our little cottage below... after deciding to move, our amazing God-sent landlord let us out of our lease (that ends in July) early, and after 4 days of posting, we already have new tenants lined up to move in the blue roof cottage. How awesome is that??

Thankfully, we have the most amazing family. My parents and three baby siblings (that are bigger than me) decided to ride down to Blacksburg and help us move our 1,000 sqft. cottage FULL to the rim with stuff back home. Any of you that have moved before, know it is not fun or easy by any means.

Day one of moving:

Day two of moving:

George and Blackie were not thrilled about the big move.

Everyone was exhausted, but so glad to be done!

We are just so extremely blessed and thankful to be back in Augusta County again. It took a semester, 15 pounds gained (from the amazing food at Virginia Tech...and stress), a little bit of money spent on tuition, and time away to figure out that where we were was exactly where we needed to be all along.

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left. Isaiah 30:21

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