A Missing Drone and a Firetruck!

Talk about an ADVENTURE! This home was one for the books. I couldn't wait to share this new listing with Charity Cox at Long and Foster just to tell the story of the missing drone and the firetruck...but the house is cute either way!

After taking photographs of this home to put it on the market, I got the drone out to do some aerial shots because this home has extremely sweet mountain views from their GIANT backyard. Went ahead and got them done, brought the drone down, and BAM! The propellers start up again and it flies RIGHT into an Oak tree in their front yard so high that I literally can't even see it. Turns out, it was about 80 feet up in this Civil War oak tree. Wonderful.

I call my man and he decided we will get a poker and try to poke it down. A 35 ft. poker stick doesn't even touch it.

Next attempt, call in a favor. I have the coolest friends in the world and we were able to get some precious firefighters out there to check things out. Not even a firetruck with a ladder could manage this one.

Needless to say, we got a sweet tour of the firetruck, and currently have a new drone ordered from Amazon. Life of a real estate photographer in a nutshell.

Check out the shots from this crazy evening, and check out this AMAZING new listing. The full listing is below for you to see the specs.

Full listing: 331 N. Oak Ln. Waynesboro

Views for days!

Loved the closed in side porch.

HUGE yard!

Check out the tree in the background PRE drone placement...