Queen of Design, Decor, and Staging!

Imagine your most favorite idea of what your future living room could be if you completely redid it. How would you design it? What furniture would you buy? How would you layout the room? What color would you paint it? Would you change out the fixtures? Does your furniture match or would you need to reupholster it? Does this give you a headache just thinking about it? Maybe you have a hard time coming up with all these ideas on your own.

We got to hang out with a person that can COMPLETELY handle all these questions and go above and beyond in making them a reality.

This woman is Kascie Ellinger from Queen City Salvage and Design. She is the literal QUEEN of making a room into your dream room, and artfully putting her awesome taste into the bones of it.

At QCSD, they can handle all of your interior/exterior design work, help you re-decorate with pieces that they fix up for you (reupholster furniture, re-do tables, window treatments, etc...the sky is the limit!), and help you with all your staging needs if you are trying to sell your home in a hurry or are a realtor trying to put a polish on your most recent listing.

Needless to say, this woman does it ALL!

These pictures are of one of her most recent projects, a complete living room re-do! Check out the newly reupholstered furniture, paint colors, window treatments, decorations, re-designed tables and coffee tables, THE WORKS!

Can't wait for her next project! Contact Kascie today to book her amazing talent!

Check out her website HERE and like their Facebook page HERE to keep up with all their comings and goings!

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