Keep Calm and Ride Horses!

This past weekend, we took a much needed getaway to Ashland, VA to explore the Virginia Horse Festival featuring the Secretariat Birthday Celebration. This is the birthplace of the legendary Secretariat! We were so excited to see the grounds, get the tour of the mansion taking the place of the historic farmhouse of the Chenery family, eat lots of carnival food, watch the clinics, seminars, and shop till we dropped! Even though we were on a getaway, the camera still tagged along. We wanted to make sure you got to see how glorious these animals were! We had such a good time, and can't wait to visit again next year. Highly recommended weekend getaway!

Virginia Horse Festival 2018

Here are some of the shots from our trip...

This is the great, great grand-daughter of the famous Secretariat, named "Groundshaker."

The cutest and most perfect couple we got to spend the weekend with. Are they not amazing??

This is what you call a "catbird"!! Cutest little thing ever, and I am not talking about the horse!

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